Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Fun at the Park

On Valentine's Day this year, Neal had the day off so we went to the park and invited some friends to join us. With the nice weather lately, Evolet has been begging to go outside everyday. She goes over to our front door and points outside. She still does not say a whole lot, but she can say "Hi" real well and wave hello and goodbye.
Her friend here with her is Tyson.
She even had lots of fun with Dad on the swing a little....
... and on the slide especially. She goes down with others and with a little help, by herself. Her favorite things to do are pick up rocks and stones though. Happy Valentine's Day!

Fun around the house

Evolet and I have been having fun around the house lately. She pushed a whole roll of paper towels down the stairs. It was really fun, but the roll was just not the same after I rolled it back up. Note to self not to leave a roll of paper towels next to the stairs for baby to play with.
Evolet has also gotten big enough that she can climb up onto our window bench and likes to sit on the window seal and look outside. In the last picture, she is trying to persuade me to give her the camera. She gets a hold of the camera plenty when she rummages through my purse.

Fun with Uncle David

David's 14th Birthday! Can you see it in the candles?
Evolet loves to dance to music. Her little train plays so fun music that she is dancing to here.
Here are some pictures of Evolet with her Uncle David, who she loves to play with. She got a toy train for Christmas and she has been loving it, especially when David pushes her around the house at top speed.