Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Fun at the Park

On Valentine's Day this year, Neal had the day off so we went to the park and invited some friends to join us. With the nice weather lately, Evolet has been begging to go outside everyday. She goes over to our front door and points outside. She still does not say a whole lot, but she can say "Hi" real well and wave hello and goodbye.
Her friend here with her is Tyson.
She even had lots of fun with Dad on the swing a little....
... and on the slide especially. She goes down with others and with a little help, by herself. Her favorite things to do are pick up rocks and stones though. Happy Valentine's Day!

Fun around the house

Evolet and I have been having fun around the house lately. She pushed a whole roll of paper towels down the stairs. It was really fun, but the roll was just not the same after I rolled it back up. Note to self not to leave a roll of paper towels next to the stairs for baby to play with.
Evolet has also gotten big enough that she can climb up onto our window bench and likes to sit on the window seal and look outside. In the last picture, she is trying to persuade me to give her the camera. She gets a hold of the camera plenty when she rummages through my purse.

Fun with Uncle David

David's 14th Birthday! Can you see it in the candles?
Evolet loves to dance to music. Her little train plays so fun music that she is dancing to here.
Here are some pictures of Evolet with her Uncle David, who she loves to play with. She got a toy train for Christmas and she has been loving it, especially when David pushes her around the house at top speed.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Cute pictures to catch up

So obviously, I have gotten behind in my blogging. So finally, I would like to share a few cute pictures as I finally catch up. Here is Evolet with her Aunt Andrea and Uncle Jared. We went to the Museum of Natural History in Downtown Houston to see the Real Pirates exhibit and found this guy. Evolet has the cutiest surprised look on her face as she holds the pirate's hook. The exhibit was awesome, but Emma and I took so long going through it, we had everybody worried. We came out an hour after everyone else.
Here's Evolet in one of her Uncle David's shirts. It was a little cold at the Minson household and she did not have a jacket. It looks like a dress on her.
Then here is a picture of Evolet with her Uncle Brian play on the piano keys. She likes to play on the keys, especially when Brian is trying to play.

Christmas 2010

This was Evolet's second Christmas and she was so cute. I worked Christmas Eve and then we all headed over to Grandma Emma and Grandpa Jeff Minson's to open presents. I was glad because I did not have to cook and it was good food! Evolet got a lot of monkeys for Christmas. Standing next to Jack, maybe you can see the resemblance? Anyways, every time she got excited or we said "Cheese" to get her to smile, she would do her "Oh" face. Here she is with her three monkeys, Jack (from Jeff and Emma), her Pillowpet monkey (from Neal) , and Bongo (from Great Grandparents Minson). She also got Five Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed. Here she is with her Aunt Andrea doing her "Oh" face and the Christmas tree with all the stockings.

Craft day with the ladies

Before Christmas, I got together with some ladies from my ward and we made Christmas crafts for fun. From left to right it is Rachael McAllister, Amy Broadbent, and myself. At the top is some glass ornaments we made. Mine is in the forefront with the blue and white snowflakes.

Amy Broadbent is in the background of the next picture.
Here are our little snowmen we made from socks on top of the feet warmers or hot pads we made out of pillowcases and rice. The purple one is mine of course.

Visiting Family

Neal, Evolet, and I went up to visit my family in Washington to see my brother, Jason's mission farewell. He was called to the Norway Oslo mission and reported to the MTC on Dec. 29. We went bowling as one of the activities. Angie and I tried to bowl our babies, but we are not quite in the frame of the picture. Don't our bowling balls look so excited?!

The rest of the pictures our of the individual families and just a few cute ones. Here is Jon, my middle brother with Evolet and his new baby, Logan.

Then there are my parents with my youngest brother, Jason and him again with his niece, Lily. He looks soooo cute with her.

Jon is here with Teigan and Caleb on his lap and Danielle, his wife, with their new baby boy, Logan. Then is my middle sister, Angie, with her family, Lily and Joe. The last picture is Eric's family starting with Evan in the left corner in Brandi's lap. Then Eric (my oldest brother), Grace, Belle, Quinn, and Tyler.