Sunday, January 23, 2011

Cute pictures to catch up

So obviously, I have gotten behind in my blogging. So finally, I would like to share a few cute pictures as I finally catch up. Here is Evolet with her Aunt Andrea and Uncle Jared. We went to the Museum of Natural History in Downtown Houston to see the Real Pirates exhibit and found this guy. Evolet has the cutiest surprised look on her face as she holds the pirate's hook. The exhibit was awesome, but Emma and I took so long going through it, we had everybody worried. We came out an hour after everyone else.
Here's Evolet in one of her Uncle David's shirts. It was a little cold at the Minson household and she did not have a jacket. It looks like a dress on her.
Then here is a picture of Evolet with her Uncle Brian play on the piano keys. She likes to play on the keys, especially when Brian is trying to play.

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